• Professional White Rubber Roof: Complete Installation Kit - 1,500 sq.ft.
  • First Rate Materials - White 60 Mil EPDM Rubber & Bonding Adhesive
  • Quality Products - Includes Seam Tape, Flashing Tape, Primer, Caulk, & T-Bars

Included Items

  • 1 count 10' x 100' & 10' x 50' 60 Mil WHITE EPDM Rubber Roofing Rolls ~~ or other available widths
  • 4 count  4 Gallon Pails Latex Bonding Adhesive
  • 2 count 3" x 50' Black Seam Tape
  • 2 count 1 Gallon Can Seam Primer/Activator
  • 1 count 6" x 50' White Uncured Eternabond  Flashing w/ Tape
  • 30 count 10' x 1" Aluminum T-bars (Roofing Edge Termination Bars)
  • 10 Tubes White Lap Sealant Roofing Caulk




White Rubber Roof Installation Kit - 60Mil WHITE EPDM, Bonding Adhesive, & Accessories

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"More than 30 years of experience in single ply flat roofing products"

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Our Technicians can design and determine what you need for your roofing project and give you a complete estimate for your materials as well as instruct you about your installation process!

Roofing Installation Videos 

This Product is a Professional Grade WHITE  EPDM Rubber Roof Installation Kit.

  • 1 count 10' x 50' 60 Mil WHITE EPDM Rubber Roofing Rolls
  • 1 count  4 1/4 Gallon Pails Latex Bonding Adhesive
  • 1 count 3" x 50' Black Seam Tape
  • 1 count 1 Gallon Can Seam Primer/Activator
  • 1 count 6" x 50' Uncured White EternabondFlashing w/ Tape
  • 10 count 10' x 1" Aluminum T-bars Extruded 1/16" (Roofing Edge Termination Bars)
  • 5 Tubes White Lap Sealant Roofing Caulk

Flashing detail, seam flaps, & roof penetrations will determine actual roof coverage.  Please allow for these adjustments when purchasing materials.


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White 60 Mil EPDM Rubber Roof: Complete Installation Kit - 1,500 sq.ft..===FREE DELIVERY 48 STATES

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