• 45 - 4  gal Latex Roofing Bonding ADHESIVE
  • Latex Roofing Bonding Adhesive
  • Ideal for Bonding TPO & EPDM to Insulation or Substrate
  • Professional Adhesive Product - Very High Strength
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Roofing Latex Bonding Adhesive:

This Latex Bonding Adhesive is designed to adhere the EPDM or TPO rubber to the roofing insulation or substrate.  This Latex bonding adhesive works well in direct application to metal or aluminum commonly found on RV, modular, trailer or mobile homes. This is a latex based single surface bonding adhesive with coverage about 300-350 square feet on a SINGLE surface. This adhesive is a SINGLE surface laminate adhesive that is to be used in a WET condition. DO NOT ALLOW the adhesive to become dry before you lay in the roofing membrane. APPLY roofing menbrane while the adhesive is WET.  1 - 4  gal pail will cover about 300 - 350 square feet of finished roof area.


MSDS Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, and Specification Data Sheets Available



The EPDM or TPO membrane may be installed in a fully adhered application directly over 1/2" or larger plywood decking, APPROVED DECKING OR APPROVED INSULATION, if the deck support is considered adequate for the roof load as determined by the local installer, and the roof installation meets local building codes.



Position the EPDM or TPO membrane over the substrate, wood decking, concrete, or insulation, without stretching the sheet. Allow sufficient materials for perimeter attachment. When the new membrane is to be sealed to an abutting membrane, overlap the edge of the new membrane 5” onto the "in place" membrane.





Bond the new sheet to the substrate by folding the sheet lengthwise on to itself so that one half of the underside is exposed. Smooth out all the wrinkles and buckles along the folded edge. Apply the bonding adhesive evenly at the rate of 70 -100 sq. ft. per gallon per receiving surface using a trowel with 1/8" x 1/8" groove indents. Apply the roofing membrane onto the wet adhesive while still wet to insure "transfer" of adhesive to underside or roofing membrane. Roll or lay the membrane onto the substrate taking care to avoid wrinkling. Bond the adhered half of the membrane with a 18" to 24" heavy duty push broom using a pushing motion to achieve maximum contact. Pull back the unbonded half of the sheet and repeat this procedure. Do not apply adhesive to the top surface of any abutting membrane that is to be used as the seam joint. 


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45 - 4 gal Latex Roofing Bonding ADHESIVE

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