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Lottes Roofing is your Wholesale Supplier for White and Black EPDM Rubber, TPO, Rubber Roofing Kits, Modified Bitumens, Roof Coatings, and Accessories. We Offer QUANTITY DISCOUNTS up to 15% off our store listed prices. CONTACT US to see if your order qualifies at 1-888-666-9157 or via email David at  or Stephanie at Our Home Portal Website is

Please be prepared to unload the product from the delivery vehicle. Items less than 150 lbs will be shipped UPS or Fed Ex and will deliver directly to your door. Orders over 150 lbs delivered by Trucking Companies DO NOT DO DOOR delivery for residential delivery. It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to remove his product FROM or OFF the actual truck. If you are unable or unwilling to receive your order via normal delivery according to ICC policies and truck line delivery schedules, then you will be solely responsible for all delivery charges related to attempted delivery and return freight charges. A 15% restocking fee will apply to returned items.

Please NOTE, most questions and the answers to those questions are listed in our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions section. Please visit those pages.Thank you for your considerations, we appreciate your business.